Our Mission

Being involved in the community theater scene here in Las Vegas for many years, we have seen many items -- such as extra fabric and notions, building materials, paint, and even costumes and props -- either sit in a warehouse never to be touched again or, worse yet, get thrown in a landfill!  That got us thinking about how we could reuse some of those items.  

As fate would have it, along came a wonderful after-school program called Disney Musicals in Schools.  This program offers low-income elementary schools the opportunity to create sustainable musical theater programs at little to no cost.  In an age where school funding for the arts is being cut left and right, this is a great blessing!  The program is a great success, but the schools have little to no budget for extras such as sets, costumes, props, lighting and sound.  Oftentimes, the wonderful teachers who volunteer their time for the program also spend their OWN money for many of the items needed to make their show a success!  THAT is when Parts for the Arts was born.

Through the generosity of many local production houses, businesses and individuals, we are able to amass and store materials that we can then redistribute at no cost to these schools in an effort to enhance their theatrical experiences!  The benefit is two-fold...we assist the underfunded schools AND keep the items out of our landfills!!  

Not only must we be good, but we must also be good for something.
— Henry David Thoreau